What is ‘the mall’? A look at malls across the country

Now that we’re past the Christmas season, the real holiday shopping season is just beginning.

And while most of us have been living with our holiday plans, there are some notable exceptions, too.

One such exception is The Mall at the Washington Convention Center.

It’s not only the only mall in the country with a “Mall of the Future” theme, but it’s also one of the most visited.

And that’s the key.

For the last 10 years, The Mall has been a symbol of the revitalization of the downtown Washington region and, more specifically, the revitalized shopping experience.

“It’s a real beacon of hope,” said Scott Tompkins, president and CEO of The Mall.

“People want to shop there, and it’s got a good sense of place and an interesting vibe.

It just feels like a great place to be.”

The Mall is the oldest mall in Washington and, like so many others across the nation, has been built to accommodate the increasing number of people in the area.

With a population of more than 15 million, The Washington Convention Centers (WDCC) is one of Washington’s largest employers.

According to The Mall’s 2013 report, more than 4,500 retail stores, restaurants, and cafes are located in the mall’s complex.

It also has more than 3 million square feet of retail space, more space than the second-largest mall in Las Vegas.

The mall’s name is a play on The Mall of the future, which is where a future-oriented shopping mall will be built.

The Mall says that in the next 10 years the city will have more than 5,500 shopping centers.

But even that is a far cry from the many thousands of malls across America.

The city of Las Vegas, for example, has more malls than any other city.

The Washington area, which includes The Mall, is home to almost half of the nation’s mall sales.

And many of those malls are far bigger than The Mall in Washington.

The National Mall, the nation of Washington, D.C., is the second largest mall in America, with an annual gross area of 1.3 million square yards, according to the Center for Urban Business Research.

It is also one the most popular shopping centers in the United States, according of a study released by the Washington, DC-based American Council on Exercise.

It has more locations than any mall in New York City.

“When people think of malls, they usually think of big box stores,” said Jim Fuhrman, president of the Center.

“They tend to think of the big box, and then when they see the National Mall they think of a mall with a little bit of everything.”

The mall is one area where people have been able to feel the buzz around it, Fuhrsman said.

“We get more traffic than most malls.

The parking is spotless.

It gets really busy, and you can really see it in the city, with the tourists.”

The National Park Service has also invested heavily in The Mall and has helped fund a number of programs to make the area a better place for people to visit, such as a new light rail system and a bike path.

The area also has been undergoing a massive revitalization, with The Mall recently winning the first-ever green light to build a new hotel, a restaurant, and a theater.

But there is still much to be done.

Fuhrer said that while The Mall could see another 10 years of growth, it needs to do a better job of attracting more people to the area to maintain its reputation as a shopping destination.

“The best thing we can do is be proactive in attracting people and being more efficient in how we attract people and making sure we have enough parking spaces for everyone,” he said.

Fahrsman added that The Mall needs to create more jobs and attract more tourists.

“I think The Mall should get more attention,” he added.

“A lot of people who come here and visit, they’re here to shop.

They come here to have a good time, and they come here because of the Mall.

And I think that’s why The Mall thrives.”

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