— Belfast’s Festival Festival is back for a fourth time this year.

The celebration, which has grown in popularity in recent years, returns to the mall this Sunday.

The festival features performances, food, live music and a shopping experience.

The annual event draws over 1.5 million people to the downtown area, which is home to malls, restaurants, boutiques and hotels.

The Belfast Festival Festival, which will take place Saturday, May 11, 2018 at the mall, features a variety of entertainment and food options.

The mall will host a free food truck, a carnival and entertainment during the festival.

Food trucks, including a food truck from the Chicago Food Truck Series, will be serving up sandwiches and hot dogs.

Food vendors will be available for vendors to buy items like chicken wings, bacon and chips, sausage and beans, and even a variety from the Belfast Burger Series.

Food and beverage vendors will also be selling beverages.

Belfast City Councilor Jeff Lebo says the mall’s return to Belfast Festives is a positive development for the city.

He says that the city is still in the middle of preparing for Belfastfest and that it has been a great experience for Belfasts customers.

The city will be opening a festival entrance on Saturday and offering more parking spaces for festivalgoers.

Lebo says he is excited to see the city get back to hosting events like BelfastFest.

He also says that Belfast City is the first city in the Midwest to host an annual Belfasterfest.

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