A shopping mall that’s just the right size for you

An Australian retailer’s idea of a mall: small, big and huge.

The mall in southern Sweden’s Jönköping is one of the smallest, and also the biggest, in the country.

It is located near the border with Sweden and sits just 50 metres (164 feet) from the town centre.

Its designers and staff say they have a huge vision for the building.

“The idea is to create a mall that is absolutely unique and unique to Jönkerärnsdorp,” said designer Ralf Wüllert, in an interview with Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“It’s not just the size, but also the design, the layout, the lighting and the flooring.

It’s about the idea that there is something special about being in a mall, which is a big deal for a mall.”

We want to create an environment where you can really feel and see it, you can walk around the mall, you see the buildings, you walk down the streets and see how it is created.

“It’s a huge, modern spaceThat’s exactly what the mall is intended to do.

A total of 2,500 apartments, a shopping centre, shops, restaurants and restaurants and a hotel are planned for the site.

The space is divided into four floors.

The first floor is reserved for office space.

The second floor houses a large, open space for meetings.

The third floor is used for meetings and conferences, while the fourth floor is designed to accommodate retail.

The fourth floor also houses a bar.

The building has a capacity of 8,500 people, according to Jonsson Skögnedal, president of the Swedish company.”

There are about 2,700 people living in that building,” he told Expressen newspaper.”

When I talk about that, the whole area is very big.

“And it is one that is being transformed.

Wüllet says the project has taken almost five years.”

The project is expected to take two years, but the company is already working on other projects in Jönka and Köln, including a new shopping centre.””

We’re only just starting to look at the site.”

The project is expected to take two years, but the company is already working on other projects in Jönka and Köln, including a new shopping centre.

“These projects are going to make us feel like we have a place to live and we can afford to live here, too,” he said.

“In the future, there will be more stores, and maybe more shopping centres.”

People will feel like they have this place to go.

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