Why I love the Louvre’s new exhibition space

Louvre museum curator Laurent Fazellier said that the new exhibit space, which opened in September, was designed for museum-goers to interact with each other and with their surroundings.

The space is a mix of different areas that are meant to make the museum’s collections accessible to all visitors, but Fazer said that he hopes that this new environment will also encourage the public to explore the museum.

“It’s not only about the exhibitions,” Fazers said.

“I want to have a real interaction with the collection and create the illusion of interaction.

This space is designed for people to come in and feel connected.”

Fazells original vision for the new space included a large courtyard with a small exhibition space that could be accessed by visitors from outside the museum or by walking to the main entrance.

Fazerr said that while the original concept was to have the courtyard open to the public from outside, the courtyard was eventually expanded to accommodate a large collection of objects, and that the collection now includes works by a variety of artists and the museum has a “bigger than life” collection of the artists’ works.

Frazellier also said that this is a new experience for the museum, and he said that they are aiming to expand the space for more exhibitions as well.

The new space will also feature an interactive show that will include exhibits on the history of art, as well as a “gallery of works” to share and explore.

Fafellier added that the exhibit space will feature more traditional forms of art and that they want to “enjoy the experience” of working with the collections and people who visit the museum and will try to make it a more interactive experience.

Fazzellier says that while he was very interested in the idea of the exhibit, he didn’t want to push it too far as it was originally conceived.

“The idea of doing this show was really not my idea,” he said.

Facilier said the museum is still working on a name for the exhibit and that he is also planning to open an exhibition space in the area of the Louvetian.

“We’ll try to find something that’s interesting to the general public and then we’ll see what happens,” he added.

The Louvre has not announced any opening times for the newly opened exhibition space.

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