Louvre furniture: a shopping mall

Louvre merchandise and collectibles retailer LVMH has a store in New York City that’s known for its collection of luxury fashion and home furnishings, including the Louvre, the Loupons, the Museum of Fine Arts, the L’Oreal House of Louis Vuitton, the Galleria of Art and other art galleries.

But as the store prepares to open its first store in the United States, Louvre CEO Louis Pasteur said he’s also looking for ways to expand the company’s offerings.

“We’re not going to be confined to just one category,” he said at a panel discussion on the company, which opened Thursday.

“The Louvre has been there for a very long time.

We’re going to open more stores, so we’re not restricted to one category.”

He added that the company wants to add “more and more” to its collections, “and more and more to the merchandise.”

Louvre opened a store at the end of last year in New Orleans, where it’s now selling its furniture and accessories.

“This is a brand that has been very loyal to Paris,” he told the audience.

Pasteur told attendees that the museum was a “big part of my life.”

He said the company has invested more than $100 million in the city.

“It’s a beautiful city,” he added.

“And I am really excited about what the city is doing for the city.”

The Louvre will open its second U.S. store in mid-March, in Brooklyn, with the aim of opening a third one in 2018.

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