What you need to know about the new Dubai Mall

The new Dubai mall is a massive shopping centre.

It includes a large, three-storey mall, a new hotel, an outdoor shopping area, restaurants, a hotel cinema, a restaurant and hotel bar, a cinema, and a cinema lobby.

But what is it exactly?

It’s a shopping mall, but also a hotel.

The Dubai Mall Dubai Mall opened its doors to the public on March 3, 2018.

Dubai Mall is Dubai’s new shopping mall.

Dubai Mall is located at Al Ain Square in Dubai.

There are now 10 different shops at Dubai Mall, including the latest and most fashionable brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Adidas, Guimaraes, and other luxury brands.

There is also a number of luxury restaurants and bars, as well as a cinema and a movie theatre.

Some shops are a little more limited than others, as there are only a few stores for each category of clothing, shoes, jewellery, and accessories.

The stores at Dubai mall are: The mall has more than 1,300,000 square metres (8,000,000 sq ft) of retail space.

Its retail space is divided into eight areas.

The central area is for clothing, footwear, and jewellery.

The second is for luxury, luxury accessories, and the third area is dedicated to consumer electronics and furniture.

One of the largest shops is the Al Ain shopping mall (pictured) which has over 1,600,000sq ft (5,600m2) of space.

It is the largest mall in the world and is home to a number, such as Al Mansour, a luxury department store and the first luxury shopping mall in Africa.

You can also find many restaurants and restaurants with some of the biggest brands in Dubai such as, Doha, Dubai, Dubai Restaurants, and Dubai Restaurant.

There are also restaurants and hotels that cater to a wider range of customers. 

The new mall has been designed by architect, Vadim Sosnov, and built by a consortium of companies including Al Ain and Al Masdar, who are both listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange.

What you need know about Dubai Mall – video article There is an additional shopping area to the main mall called the Al Mansor shopping area.

It’s where you will find a lot of shops.

Dubai mall has an outdoor area, so you can sit on a bench, or a chair, in the mall. 

The mall also has a cinema that offers an outdoor cinema, an indoor cinema, cinemas, cinematographic booths, and an indoor movie theatre that can screen films.

At the entrance of Dubai mall, you will see a sign for the Dubai Mall entrance. 

When you enter the mall, there is a large sign for “Shopping Centre”.

It is where you can buy clothes, shoes and jewellers.

You can also buy food and beverages. 

There is also an outdoor market, which is where people can buy and sell goods. 

At the shopping centre, there are also two restaurants that cater specifically to the local community, including an outdoor café, outdoor café and outdoor cafe. 

Dubai mall is the first mall to be opened in the UAE and will become the largest shopping centre in the country.

 Dubae Mall was opened to the general public in March 3 in the heart of Dubai.

It was built in two phases.

The first phase was built on the site of the former Al Mansur shopping mall that was demolished in the early 1990s.

The mall was officially opened to consumers on March 8. 

 The second phase was completed in 2017, when it was expanded to accommodate the opening of the Dubai International Airport.

It will be the largest public shopping centre on the Arabian Peninsula and will be more than twice the size of Al Mansors mall.

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