Jerusalem mall’s bench furniture is made from bricks

The Israeli city of Jerusalem has been using brick furniture to fill the empty benches in its municipal municipal building.

The furniture is designed by the Israeli furniture manufacturer Lenexa and is made up of several layers of bricks, each one weighing between 2.5 and 6 kg.

The firm says it has made furniture for almost all Israeli municipal buildings since 2001.

The company has also created benches that can be used as storage, as well as a folding bench for visitors.

The benches are made of the same bricks that were used to build the municipal building and are made up from 2.8 and 3.5 kg bricks, respectively.

They can be sold for up to 20,000 shekels ($5,000) per square meter.

The Israeli furniture giant has also been making chairs for municipal buildings in the past.

The chairs come in two types: one is a normal chair and the other is a folding chair.

The regular chair has a small footprint while the folding chair has an extra small footprint.

The company says that this extra room makes it a perfect seat for a large crowd.

While the chair is used for meeting, it is also great for socializing, especially in a crowd.

Lenexas chair has been designed for men, women and children.

The other feature that the company has made into its benches is a light-colored material that covers the surface.

The material also allows the furniture to have a soft feel.

Lenexa has been in the furniture business since 1998.

It has a market capitalization of about $4 billion.

The furniture company is based in Tel Aviv and is owned by a number of companies, including Mokhava, Kavana, Ezzel and Avim.

The largest company is Israel-based Mokkad.

Israel’s municipal building, built in 1967, has been home to the Israel Defense Forces since its construction.

Israel currently has around 2.2 million people, including about 3,000 Israeli soldiers.

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