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The Gachiba Mall, an area of a former shipping company headquarters in central Gachibe, was built in 1984.

It was home to the world’s first fully enclosed mall and has since become a popular tourist destination, but it is also home to a number of unique architectural wonders.

In the 1990s, the Gachibo Mall was converted into a luxury hotel, and now the hotel and retail space are located on a high-end property.

It is one of the most expensive malls in the country.

There are also three gachiba, or cuban, shops, and two gachaiba bars.

The Gachaiba has several rooms that were originally intended to be apartments, but have since been converted into the Gachaibo bar.

The two Gachaibo bars are located right next door to the Gatorade Bar, a place that also houses a variety of souvenir shops and food stands.

It’s a nice little area for shopping and dining.

It also offers an excellent spot for locals to come and visit.

The shopping is pretty extensive, and you can get a good bargain at the best of prices.

The bar is a place to enjoy a good beer or two and eat some locally made food.

There is also a good selection of souvenirs for sale, and it’s very affordable to buy them.

A lot of the gachibi shops have a lot of interesting souvenirs on display, such as a gachaibod, a gachibe hat, and even a gacho-ba, which is a replica of the Gichibo’s iconic headband.

The main gachaibe shop is located at the top of the hill, just below the hotel.

It has a large selection of items for sale and a large outdoor seating area that you can walk around in and enjoy.

It seems that the owners are very dedicated to maintaining the charm of the mall, and have put a lot into the renovation, including a huge outdoor terrace that you walk around to see the different displays.

The building itself has an impressive facade that has a great sense of history, with some large glass windows and many of the original buildings in the area that are still standing.

The surrounding area is also beautiful, with the trees, ponds, and other natural features of the area.

One of the unique things about the mall is that it’s home to an excellent selection of outdoor seating that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In fact, it’s one of our favorite places to visit when visiting the Gauriba area.

Gachaibi Bar & Restaurant in Gachaibe Mall: 1.

Gachibi Bar 2.

Gachoibo Bar 3.

Gachiiba Bar & Grill 4.

Gatchi Gacha Bibimbole in Gachima, Gachaia article The only downside to the mall was the hotel itself.

The hotel was renovated in 2008, and the building itself is much more modern.

It now has a full bar, a full kitchen, and a full service restaurant, and is open from 10am to 10pm every day.

The food is fantastic, and there are many different dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is one location that is ideal for a quick lunch and dinner, and as an added bonus, you can even take advantage of some free wifi when you go there.

The interior is also very stylish, and has a few unique touches.

The restaurant has a nice layout, with tables on either side of the dining room, and seating for up to 10 people.

It does offer a wide selection of traditional dishes, including Korean and Chinese, as well as a variety from local restaurants.

The staff is very attentive, and really enjoy chatting with customers.

There’s a bar inside the restaurant that is open daily for lunch, so you can always go for a drink.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

A few things to note about Gachigiba: 1, There is an entrance fee of $8.00 per person.

2, There are two outdoor dining areas on each floor.

3, The hotel has a total of 6 floors.

4, The area has a maximum occupancy of 70 people per night.

5, The average hotel occupancy rate is 12%.

6, The overall hotel occupancy is $13,000 per night for rooms of 10 people or less.

7, The total Gachaibia population is 1,000.

8, The Gachoiba area is a popular destination for Gachiquis and visitors from all over the world.

9, Gachiaiba is also an extremely popular place to visit during the rainy season, with temperatures ranging from

China’s mall furniture stores to be closed for refurbishment

China’s top mall furniture store will close its doors for refurbishments to cut down on its carbon footprint.

The Beijing Oriental Furniture Center, which has been in operation for nearly a century, will be closed on Feb. 2, according to state media.

The center, which sells over 100,000 pieces of furniture, was designed by renowned furniture designer Guoxian Shi and features an elaborate outdoor terrace with an ornate ceiling.

It was designed in collaboration with the designer Liu Wei and will be rebranded as the China Oriental Furnace Center, according the Beijing News.

In a statement, the center said the refurbishment is planned for March 1.

China has been criticized for its overconsumption of natural resources and the air pollution caused by its factories.

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