The NHL is working on an outdoor arena in Canada

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced Monday that he’s exploring the possibility of building an outdoor rink in Canada, and has signed off on a $15 million investment to help fund it.

The investment comes as Canada’s economy and hockey scene continue to deteriorate, with the NHL set to announce the start of its expansion draft later this month.

Bettman said he was looking for a venue that could accommodate a large hockey crowd.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people that it would be a great fit,” Bettman told reporters at the Winter Classic, which takes place in Las Vegas on Feb. 25-26.

“It would be like having a hockey team on a regular basis in a place where people are paying to see the game.”

Bettman added that he was hopeful that the outdoor rink could be ready by the end of the year.

“I don’t know what the exact timeframe is,” he said.

“But the way we see it is that it should be ready in 2018.

That’s the timeline that I’ve got on the table.”

The NHL’s goal is to begin construction in 2018 and the opening of the arena in 2019.

Bettmen said the project would be financed by private investors, but did not offer a dollar figure.

“The ultimate goal is that we can come up with the money and then we can go build,” Bettmen told reporters.

“At some point in time we’re going to have to have a stadium, and that’s something that is going to be part of the equation.”

Bettmen also discussed how the league could expand in the United States, saying that he hopes to open the NHL’s first home in 2020.

“If we’re able to get to a point where we can open in 2019, that would be great, but the timeline has been kind of on hold for the last several years,” Bettmann said.

Bettmans comments come after a number of NHL teams announced plans for expansion this year.

The Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils, Florida Panthers and Winnipeg Jets are among the teams that have announced plans to begin their expansion projects this year, according to ESPN’s Adam Gretz.

What is a ‘market’?

What is the market?

A market is the gathering of people to exchange goods and services.

Markets are a great way to introduce new products to the market, as well as to help people find a better deal.

You may also find that your local market has been renamed and renamed again, but the name stays the same.

For example, if you go to a supermarket or a grocery store, you can sometimes spot a store selling a new product, and vice versa.

Market prices are determined by the amount of goods and the cost of shipping.

Prices are usually determined by a person or group of people who decide to accept them.

The more goods a company sells, the higher the price.

This is known as the supply and demand of goods.

You can also find a market for a service.

For instance, a local store sells a product to a local business.

It might also be the case that a company is selling a service that can be used for business purposes.

You could even find a marketplace for a particular product or service.

The key is to find a place that people are willing to accept your product or services.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with the seller so that they can offer you a discount on the price of the product or the service.

A new product is often one that people don’t know well, and a service isn’t one they can easily remember.

This can lead to confusion.

For that reason, it’s a great idea to take your product to an online retailer or a third party where it can be tested and compared to the best prices.

When it comes to finding a local market, there are many different types of marketplaces.

They may be established by individual businesses or companies, or they may be operated by a consortium of groups, which can offer their services for a fee.

A few of the main types of markets are: marketplaces for goods and products, which are the easiest way to get products and services to the local market.

A marketplace for services, which allow individuals to find out more about the products and service that they need.

The best way to find the right market is to visit a local marketplace and ask a local person for a price quote.

Marketplaces that are established by individuals can have a very different cost structure than marketplaces that run by businesses.

They typically don’t have a fixed price per item, but instead can vary based on a range of factors, such as the location, the size of the market and the availability of goods or services to buy.

If you have the option to set a price for a specific item, or to get a price comparison, it will usually be easier for you to get the best price, as the costs of the goods and service are already set.

But there are some factors that determine the prices you pay for the goods you buy, such a distance, whether it is a public or private property, or whether it’s part of a group of businesses.

A market can also offer discounts on some products and fees for others.

You might be able to find deals for products or services from a different place, or you might be offered a price that’s lower than what you would have paid at a local place.

These discounts can be a great source of income for you or for your business.

The cost of a market The cost for a market is usually determined according to a range, usually based on factors such as whether it costs the same or more to set up and run a market in your area, and how often it takes place.

For this reason, you may be able get a cheaper price at a market than you would at a larger one.

For these reasons, you should always get in contact with the sellers of goods to find ways to reduce your costs, if possible.

A range of prices is also used when the cost is set on a monthly or yearly basis, but you can set a fixed value at the beginning.

This means that you can expect the market to have a range that will allow for any price changes.

The range can also be set to help avoid confusion, since you can get the lowest price for goods, while you may get a lower price for services.

These are called the minimum and maximum prices, respectively.

You’ll also want to get to know the people who run the market.

Some markets have a large group of members who will take responsibility for ensuring the safety of the customers, and these can include the police and other government officials, as they may have a duty to protect the community from illegal activity.

Marketers have an obligation to protect people’s health, safety and property, but not to make money.

You must make sure that the marketplace is safe, but it is also a source of employment for some people.

It is important that you contact the people running the market for more information on how to get started.

It may also be worth checking out the prices of other products and companies that you may find in a nearby market.

What is an online market?

How to Build a Cool, Cool Furniture Malls

If you’re building a new furniture mall, you’re going to need some cool furniture to showcase your wares.

We’ve got everything from old books to retro-inspired furniture, and the more you use it, the better.

Whether it’s an old couch or a modern sofa, this list will show you how to make furniture that will be memorable and will fit right in.

Weird Furniture Listing: Newcomers Guide to Furniture, Home Decor, Furniture in Your Home, Furnitures in Your Town, Furnishings in Your Neighborhood, Furnishing Tips, Furnished Living, Furnishment Store, Furnishers, Furnitions in Your Store, Vintage Furniture Shop, Vintage Interior Furniture Supplies, Vintage Woodworking Furniture Supply, Vintage-styled Furniture Stores, Vintage Video Furniture Store,Vintage Video Furnishments, Furnitables, Furnitable Products, Furnits and More source Entertainment Week title Why You Need to Buy Furniture Before You Go to Home | The Top 10 Newcomer Furniture Companies article It’s not every day you find yourself in a position to shop for new furniture in your local mall, but that’s exactly what you need to do to keep your new home from falling into the wrong hands.

It’s best to start with the basics first, then go from there.

This list of 10 furniture companies we found at malls around the country will teach you everything you need about how to choose the best furniture store in your area.

If you’ve ever been tempted to buy an antique or vintage piece of furniture, you’ll want to give these companies a shot before you buy anything new.

We’re not going to say these furniture companies are bad, because they do a lot of cool stuff, but we’re also not going have much time to look at each of them.

What we’re going do is focus on the big trends and products that are the ones that are going to make you want to go buy your next piece of clothing.

You’ll want your furniture in great shape for the winter, and you’ll need it to make it feel cozy and cozy cozy in the summer.

We’re going try to get to all of these points at the same time, so you can get to work shopping in no time.

We’ll even take a look at some of the big brands we found in the malls that are doing some awesome new stuff this year.

If you’re planning on buying something new in your new furniture shop, you might want to get the big-ticket items first.

The furniture in the list below may not be as trendy or trendy as some of our other furniture recommendations, but if you’re looking for something with a high price tag, these are some of these items to consider.

There are several ways to shop at a furniture store.

You can browse through the store for furniture and furniture accessories, which can range from simple pieces like a shelf to the more luxurious items that can have a little more room to store the big items.

You also can search for different styles of furniture.

Some of the most popular pieces you’ll find at furniture stores are: furniture chairs and armchairs, bookshelf furniture, vintage furniture, art furniture, bed and breakfast furniture, office furniture, kitchen appliances, dining and dining room furniture, bath and bathroom furniture, wall-mounted lamps, and more.

For more furniture shopping ideas, check out our guide to buying furniture and find the furniture that’s right for you.

If your local furniture store has some special deals for you, check them out and see if you can snag one of the items on this list.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing furniture.

How do you find a furniture company that will make your home feel cozy?

How do they make their furnishings look like they were made for your living room?

You can find out how to do that in our article on furniture shopping tips.

The same goes for your favorite pieces of furniture like furniture shelves, coffee tables, and arm chairs.

If your goal is to buy a new sofa, the answer is simple.

Buy one that’s a little bigger, a little longer, and a little wider.

That way, you won’t be surprised when it breaks.

We also like to look for furniture that is made with a variety of materials, like leather or wood.

You should look for products that come in different finishes, and be sure to check out the color options that they offer.

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