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MALL OF AMERICA – The Toronto Star, Mar 15, 2021: MALL, MIAMI.

THE TORONTO STAR/TIMOTHY LANGDON: It’s been a tough few months for a Toronto-based mall owner.

He recently found himself with no customers at the Eaton Centre, where he opened the new store.

It was all too much for the store’s owner, who had just opened a second store at the mall’s downtown Eaton Centre mall.

That’s when the owner decided to shut down the mall and sell his company to a Canadian developer.

A couple of months ago, that deal fell through and the mall went dark.

“We’re pretty sad about that,” said mall manager Gary J. Hines, referring to the closure.

“It’s a little disappointing to us, and it’s going to be a little bit of a hassle for us.

We’re looking at it like we’re still going to keep our doors open.”

The closure of the Eaton Mall comes at a time when malls are facing a growing crisis in malls and their ability to remain open.

While it’s still early in the new millennium, Canada has seen a record number of closures of shopping malls.

The number of malls in Canada is set to double to 1,831 by 2020, according to a recent report by the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

And in the United States, malls are also seeing an influx of new retail stores, which means they’re also facing a glut of retail space.

But malls are struggling to keep up.

Mall owners and mall managers say they’re seeing a sharp decline in their business.

The last major mall closure in Canada was in 2009, when the Eaton Place Mall in Toronto closed.

The city of Toronto’s mall management council has warned that it could be years before the new mall opens.

In the meantime, mall managers are turning to new approaches to attract shoppers, including offering discounted coupons.

Mall management has also turned to online marketing.

Mall managers say online coupons are a great way to keep their doors open, especially at a mall where you have to be online at the same time you’re going to see the store.

But, the mall managers argue, online coupons do not provide the same level of convenience that stores do.

A mall manager with a local mall said he’s been offering discounts on his store’s merchandise for years.

“I’ve always offered discounts, but it’s only at the time of the day you’ll see it,” the manager said.

The manager said he is also looking at the possibility of giving discounted coupons online to get people to visit his store.

The Toronto-Toronto Airport Authority, which runs the Eaton shopping centre, said last month that it would no longer offer discounted coupons for the mall to the public.

The authority also announced that it will begin requiring all retailers to offer discounts for the public at the retail level.

“Retailers are going to have to provide discounts, at the point of sale level, that the public can see,” the authority’s president and CEO, Brian P. Maclaren, said at the height of the mall closures.

He said that the mall will remain open until all of the discounts are offered, and that some of the new stores will also have discounted coupons, such as discount merchandise.

MacLaren said mall managers will have to find other ways to lure shoppers.

“You know, I don’t know if we can do it all on the mall.

We need to find a different way to do it,” he said.

“But I think at some point, we’ll have to do some of it online.

I think that’s the only way we’ll be able to keep going, to be honest.”

MALL OWNER SAYS HE’S HAD NO SALES FOR TWO MONTHS Now that he’s in the market for new stores, the manager says he’s already finding people are interested in buying his merchandise online.

“People have been coming in to try to buy merchandise, and I’ve had no sales for two months,” said the manager, who asked not to be identified by his real name.

“When I opened up, there were a lot of customers, but when I shut down, they were gone.”

But the manager has said he plans to find ways to attract more shoppers to his new stores.

“This mall is doing well.

We’ve had some customers come in and try to try and shop.

And we’re going, ‘We don’t have that here.

He said that mall management will continue to try new things, including a new video game store.

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